Welcome to Nagoya!

Welcome, and congratulations on your placement in JET! If you requested Nagoya in your JET interviews, you must be a happy camper right now. If you didn't, don't believe all you've read in those misleading travel books — Nagoya rocks! In fact, it's so cool here that most JETs decide to stay for two or three years.

Very soon, (if you haven't already) you will begin receiving LOADS of information from the JET Program and CLAIR (Council of Local Affairs and International Relations). Since JET and CLAIR are national organizations, most of their information will not deal directly with life in Nagoya; that's what this website is for. This website is also a means for you to get quick replies to any questions or concerns you might have. So please don't hesitate to contact us!

Finally, we hope this website will help get you excited about your upcoming adventure, because that is what you are going to have: an awesome, eye-opening adventure! So sit back and read on about your new home for this upcoming year...

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